The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power
— Unknown

We are in collaboration with several realtors to create solutions for you. Here are a few of the ideas we are working on. 


Autonomous Touch Program

Mailing, calling, walking, talking. Are you effectively contacting your network? How can you maximize your time, and continually grow authentic relationships?


One Stop Marketing

The idea: Get a listing, submit listing address, receive marketing material. Done. 


HomeView™ Kiosk

Media is taking over. A listing now has photos, videos, Virtual Realty viewing...and we are left to view all this on our 20 year old technology. What does the future look like? What does now look like? What does viewing homes at 1/10 the amount of time do for productivity?


Smart Data Collection

There are many efforts to send marketing collateral out. Even more efforts to try to diversify, however, with a limited budget, where are you putting ever marketing dollar? It's easy to track the open rates of video, but how do you track the views on mailers? On eye balls views?