Most Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

We offer the highest quality real estate video, real estate drone video, and real estate photography in the greater Los Angeles area.

Everyone has questions. We have some answers for you...

What are your prices?
All our pricing can be viewed here for our videography and here for our photography.

What cities do you service?
We service everywhere in SoCal between Bakersfield to San Diego.

When will I get my real estate video back?
All media will be delivered to you as a draft within 24 hours of the time we filmed the listing.

How do I schedule a real estate video or photoshoot?
You can go to our Reserve page on our website and fill out the form, email us at, or call us anytime at 323.236.0565.

How long does it take you to film/photograph the listing?
Typically, we are in and out within 2 hours. 

How much advanced notice is required for a booking?
We require at least 24 hours notice, but in certain circumstances we may make exceptions.

Is all your media MLS compliant?
Absolutely. We are constantly researching and inquiring with realtors about new regulations and policies to make sure we are always up to date on the latest structure.

Do you work on weekends?
We work Mondays through Saturdays.

Can I upload these real estate videos to my own sites such as Youtube, Facebook, etc.
Yes you can. We follow all usage and copyright laws that allow you to post freely as you like.

How can I pay for my listing? 
We send electronic invoices when the job is scheduled. You can pay any time you like, however, we require payment before we give you the final files to use and download.

How long will my links remain active?
All download links will be active for at least 12 months.

How do I download my media?
You will be given a link to your listing page where you will be provided all links needed for Branded and Unbranded videos and photos.