What Does a 24-Hour Turnaround Look Like?

Photo Credit: SpaceX, via Associated Press

Photo Credit: SpaceX, via Associated Press

At Panton, we don't exactly use jet propulsion to achieve our speedy, 24-hour turnaround times. However, some might think so after receiving their real estate video in such a short time frame.

Why the 24-Hour Turnaround?

Why? Because realtors asked for it. They need fast turnaround times. Time and time again we have received requests for quick turnarounds and speedy delivery to meet a deadline or to get the listing live on the MLS before such and such. We understand the importance of this, whether it be a procrastinating realtor or a picky homeowner (don't worry, we know it's usually the latter option). Regardless of the case, sometimes life can't wait days, and we pride ourselves in being able to offer you this solution of a quick delivery

This is innovation, this is real estate!

But it goes deeper than that. We aren't static beings. We are made to be creative, grow, and explore the world and its offerings. We have found that we simply aren't satisfied with spending a week on a real estate video. We constantly look to push the boundaries of acceptable, tear at the seams of possible, and discover what is beyond the curve. This is innovation, this is real estate!

We are creatives, engineers, entrepreneurs, yes both you and I. You reading this. You. We want to explore more effective solutions for maximizing ROI and that comes with the collaboration of our skill sets. We open the door and invite you to fill us in on your own wants and desires for innovation, and let us take care of the rest. At the moment, we are developing different solutions such as network autonomous touch programs, smart data collection, a home viewer for 360° and VR experiences, and that's just the beginning. 

We have set the standard for 24-hour turnarounds

for your real estate videos.

Don't take anything else for an answer...from anybody. You deserve that. Actually, you deserve better, and we are working on being even better, faster, and stronger solutions! To let you in on a secret, our record turnaround is 4 hours. We weren't trying to set a record either. But of course, we want to give you the best possible product, so we allow 24 hours to give the extra sweetening that we do. Give us a call, put us to the test, and let us prove you right!

- Viva Panton, Viva Real Estate!