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James Sandoval

Every since James could walk, he found that video production ran through his blood. His passion for creativity is endless while his devotion to creating a perfect business model is boundless.


After searching the world to the create the perfect team, Panton now stands at the forefront of real estate marketing. James thrives not only from developing keen business work flow, but most importantly having the time of his life making the most engaging content imaginable.

Jon Mattox

Prior to becoming CEO, Jon has spent most of his professional life developing and fortifying small businesses across the country to grow and prosper. In this capacity, he was responsible for but not limited to targeting large scale clients, budgeting and assessing future equipment and personnel growth, and developing technological breakthroughs across all accounts of the marketing and video world.


Jon graduated high school with an excellence in mathematics and additional construction vocational coursework. He increased his love for electricity with an associates degree in electrical engineering. He began a passion in writing and film after interviewing with Dreamworks for his screenwriting merit and was awarded an opportunity to attend UCLA. He majored in screenwriting and eventually double majored adding electrical engineering. He then became station manager, live event producer, broadcast engineer, and IT specialist at Fastforward Media and Inside Durango TV.

Tommy Gonzalez

Tommy grew up in Los Angeles and has immersed himself in the film industry, emerging as one of the most exciting prospects climbing through the industry ranks. Tommy began his love affair with cinematography as a cameraman and editor in high school and now specializes as a colorist. His

unparalleled expertise using industry leading coloring software makes Tommy a vital asset to the Panton team.

Giancarlo Cornejo

Giancarlo is a cinematographer from New York. He moved to Los Angeles to study cinematography at UCLA. His charisma, skill and knowledge in the

entertainment industry  couple with strong

networks throughout the visual arts world, making Giancarlo a valuable member of the Panton Team.


Panton Real Estate Video Tours



Panton was born in the Los Angeles film industry as a production house. Overtime, Panton saw a need for video in commercial industries but struggled to justify the lengthy processes and expense of traditional video production standards.

Using the latest technological innovations and cutting edge systems, Panton has revolutionized the way homes are marketed with their immersive and dynamic personal video tours. Comprised of a worldwide collaboration of video and media professionals, Panton has made it their goal to provide an unparalleled focus on affordable real estate video tours.






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